Picking the Best Hair Care Products Within Your Budget Pt. 1

Picking the Best Hair Care Products Within Your Budget Pt. 1

As you probably know by now, hair extensions, particularly quality extensions, need the proper care and attention to prolong their lifespan and to keep them looking and feeling fresh. While many of us are guilty of not reading the washing instructions on our clothes, the damage possible with not following the proper care instructions with hair extensions can ruin or permanently damage them. Most of the time, it isn’t so much incorrect washing but rather the wrong types of shampoo or conditioner that lead to a gradual or sudden degradation of the hair.

You’d be surprised how getting the right products doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money either. In this blog post, we’ve compiled four must-have hair products every girl in every budget should have in their arsenal.

First things first, you might be wondering why you should choose quality hair products for your extensions at all especially since the hair isn’t attached and growing like your own hair. Well, that’s exactly the point because hair extensions aren’t attached and growing like your own natural hair, they don’t receive the natural oils from the scalp as your natural hair does. That as well as the fact that most extensions – but not all – are chemically processed. Those that are not processed are Virgin and Remy extensions. Regardless, most extensions will be drier than not which is why choosing the right hair care products for your extensions is critical to keep them looking and feeling fresh and hydrated.

Picking the Right Hair Care Products for Your Extensions

Coconut, Argan, Olive, Castor Oil are the types of oils you want to be looking for in your hair care products. These oils will replenish and moisturize both your natural and extension hair with nutrients. Watch out for hair products that contain alcohol or sulfate which will only damage your hair either by drying the hair strands or cause breakage. You should know that coconut or palm oils do in fact contain alcohol but it is long-chain fatty alcohols which actually draw moisture into the hair and acts as a emulsifier.

Now let’s talk about some specific products and brands that we recommend for you to add to your hair care routine!

Shampoos for Extensions

Budget: Loral Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo. Retailing at just $12 this is a great option to save money while not cutting on quality. It ends up being even cheaper as you should only wash your extensions every 10 or so wears or when there’s a decent amount of product build up.

What’s great about this shampoo is how it doesn’t have any sulfates or drying alcohols while also being formulated for color-treated hair which is a big bonus. It also has rosemary oil to add plenty of moisture to your locks. The downside of all this is that it does have a rather strong peppermint scent which may be off putting to some. Simply wash it out thoroughly and you should be fine.   

Pricey: Playa Everyday Shampoo. Coming in at $37, this shampoo is definitely on the expensive side but does come with a bunch of perks that may just make it worthwhile. For one, it comes with a coconut base to avoid drying out your extensions when washing. It will wash your hair just enough but not too far as to dry your strands out. Of course, it is sulfate, paraben, and formaldehyde free. As a down side, it comes out of the bottle pretty thick so you might have trouble squeezing the shampoo out!


In the second part, we’ll talk about a few conditioners in several price ranges and also using hair masks!

If you have any questions about Endless Hair Extensions or want to learn more about our company, feel free to email us at or read our story here. We’re always happy to help you!

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