5 Things Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

5 Things Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

While we’ve talked much about hair care and the best ways you can implement healthy products and habits into your daily hair routine, there’s much to be said about what healthy or unhealthy hair says about your overall body health. So in today’s blog post, we’ll be breaking down five clues that your hair is giving you to indicate the overall health of your body.

Premature Graying

Check your hair in the mirror. Is it gray, graying or completely gray? Genetic factors aside, most people start graying when they get older but if you’re notice premature gray in your hair, this can point to a larger issue. Stress as well as a lack of sleep can cause premature graying. As you age, your body stops making melanin (pigment cells) and thus your color fades. Stress and little sleep can cause a fluctuation in hormonal levels which can start this reduction early. The fix? Practice self-care routines which will reduce stress levels in your life.

Dull Hair

Dull or stringy hair has it’s solutions, but what does it say about the rest of your body? Vitamin or mineral deficiency usually. Take a closer look at your diet to see if you’re consuming the proper nutrients including fruits and vegetables. By making a few tweaks in your diet, expect not only the overall health of your body to increase but also the shine and gloss in your hair as well.


We’ve all had episodes of dandruff and freaked out at the thought or sight of it, but it can actually be indicative of a bigger issue if not investigated. It can be caused by too much hair product use, so rule that out first. But if not, look into your diet and digestive system. Often times dandruff is caused by a yeast infection and can be found overgrown in your digestive tract. The solution? Avoid foods that promote yeast growth such as sugar and refined carbohydrates. Drinking more water doesn’t hurt either.

Hair Loss

You may have read how you typically lose around 100 strands of your hair a day. But if you seem to be noticing more falling out, it can mean something’s wrong with your endocrine system. Hair loss while pregnant or shortly after is normal; it’s when you’re not pregnant that there should be cause for concern because your hormones levels are off. Get yourself checked out by your doctor if you suspect this to be the case.

Hair Breakage

Repeat hair breakage or brittle hair is often traced back to hot tool or product overuse. If this isn’t the culprit, check your diet to ensure you’re eating enough protein. The average adult should consume a little over a quarter of a gram of protein for every pound of body weight. After all, your hair is made out of protein so a lack of it isn’t going to allow hair growth.


After reading all that, hopefully you have a better understanding of what these different hair issues can be indicative of but also how to tackle them. You should always address the root cause of any hair issue and those causes can be broken down into: diet and nutrition, proper hair care routines of washing and drying, reduced use of hot tools and styling chemicals, and lifestyle factors that you do on a daily basis.

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