17 Best Shampoos For Different Hair Types Part 1

17 Best Shampoos For Different Hair Types Part 1

Choosing the right shampoo that works for your hair type can sometimes seem overwhelming. After all, there are so many choices to pick from and maybe you’ve tried half a dozen and yet none of them seem to work fixing your hair problems. Even the most expensive shampoo brands aren’t always the solution too.

When selecting the right shampoo for your hair type, it’s important to remember that not all shampoos are created equal and depending upon your hair issues, knowing which shampoos to choose isn’t always easy. You want to think not only about your hair goals, but the ingredients of the particular shampoo in mind.

We’re going to break down the different hair types and the shampoos that will work best for that particular hair type – whether it’s oily or dry, straight or curly, think, thin, or frizzy – to achieve your hair dreams.

Best shampoo types for thin or thinning hair

While it’s completely natural for women to lose around 100 strands of hair a day, if you’re noticing seemingly more, even after washing your hair, then you should buy a shampoo formulated for thin or thinning hair. There are genetic factors but sometimes it’s deeper than that which is why the proper shampoo will strengthen your hair strands and make them thicker. These shampoos will reduce shedding and encourage hair growth rather than simply add volume which doesn’t actually solve the problem of thin hair.

Make sure the particular shampoo has natural ingredients and antioxidants such as Vitamin E, etc which will nurture your roots while promoting the growth of new hair strands. Other hair-thickening ingredients to look out for include amino acids and biotin. If you’re curious as to why your hair is falling out, read this blog post here.  

Common reasons for thin or thinning hair and ways to deal with them

Dandruff is often the main cause of thin or thinning hair. The solution is anti-dandruff shampoo which will treat the inflamed and flaky scalp. Using a straightener or any other hot tool or if you frequently dye your hair, use a shampoo made for over-processed and dyed hair. Now if you are experiencing extreme hair loss, use a shampoo recommended by your doctor that contains regrowth formulas. You can find these shampoos in any hair care store.

Shampoos recommended for thin or thinning hair

Shampoos with thickening properties with natural ingredients to promote new hair growth is what you need.

We recommend Peppermint and Rosemary Strengthening Shampoo by Natural Escapes. This shampoo has organic peppermint and rosemary oils to help improve the blood flow in your scalp that in turn prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth. These oils also fight dandruff and hydrate your scalp if it’s dry or itchy and moisturizes dry hair. This shampoo also has awesome ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender, Vitamin B5 and E among many others.  

Another shampoo that contains more awesome ingredients is Organic Argan Oil Shampoo by Plantonic. This shampoo is great for any over-processing or if you dye your hair often resulting in thin or thinning hair. Argan oil as we’ve talked about before on the blog, moisturizes over-processed dry hair while nourishing the hair strands and rejuvenating their strength and health. Argan oil also contains antioxidants and a multitude of vitamins all designed to stimulate new hair growth and increase the thickness of each hair strand.

This shampoo contains a specially designed formula of caffeine and essential oils that will prevent further hair loss while promoting new hair growth and is great for those suffering from serious hair loss. It’s called Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo by Ultra Labs.

Let’s take a brief minute to talk about what hair extensions can do to your thin hair!

While treating your hair with shampoo formulated for your hair issues is great, it is often times a slow process to see results with which is why hair extensions will allow you achieve longer, thicker hair instantly. Endless Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair and in the case of Clip Ins, are super easy to install without the need of a hairstylist all while giving you the hair of your dreams. If you have thin or thinning hair, give extensions a try!

Best shampoo types for frizzy hair

Depending upon the temperatures where you live, humid weather is the worst for frizzy hair. Don’t worry though, as there’s a shampoo for every hair type and frizzy hair is no different. We’ll break down the ingredients you want to look for to calm the frizzes.

The first thing you need is something to smooth your hair and natural oils are some of the best ingredients to do this. Coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter and even glycerin (to give your hair a silky smooth feel) are just a few examples. Shampoos with “anti-frizz” will typically have a special“frizz-free” concoction to fight humidity and stops your hair from becoming frizzy. Be sure to avoid silicone varieties, as silicone only masks the frizz without fixing it. Don’t forget to make sure the shampoo has moisturizing and protein ingredients as well to strengthen your hair strands which are, after all, made out of protein. Oh, and avoid sulfate or alcohol in the shampoo too.

Common reasons for frizzy hair and what to do about it

We’ve already mentioned humidity as a major factor in your frizzy hair but not using a conditioner can also wreck havoc on your hair. Using the right conditioner paired with a good shampoo is the perfect combination to use against frizzy hair.

Shampoos recommended for frizzy hair

Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Shampoo by Dove is a simple but great shampoo for tackling frizzy hair and as a bonus, doesn’t contain sulfate. It has a anti-frizz formula and natural oils to calm the frizz. As mentioned before, these natural oils – coconut and almond – smooth out your hair while replenishing your hair strands without leaving them greasy. Bonus: Dove also makes a Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Conditioner so pair them up and you’re good to go!

Next up is Frizz Defy Shampoo by Nexxus. This shampoo is rich in Moroccan argan and coconut oil to again smooth, protect and moisturize your frizz leaving it feeling smooth and beautiful.

Best shampoo types for dry hair

Dry hair is a hair issue that plagues almost all women at some point in their hair journey and usually crops up during winter or when the weather is colder. Too much sun exposure can also dry out your hair. You need the proper shampoo to moisturize your hair so look for shampoos labeled with shine or hydration. Dry hair obviously needs moisture so you want to make sure the shampoo has oils like coconut, jojoba, argan or olive to give your hair the critical hydration it needs.

At the same time, make sure to avoid certain harsh chemicals such as sulfates and alcohol that will just suck the moisture right back out of your hair strands. Read the back of the shampoo before buying just as you would to any other hair product.

Common reasons for dry hair and how to fix them

Washing your hair too much isn’t healthy. If you find yourself under the water every single day or most days, scale the washing back a tad. It might be why your hair is so dry. Excessive hair washing actually removes the natural oils that help keep your scalp hydrated. Instead opt to wash 2 or 3 times a week and no more. If you find your hair greasy in between wash days or if you exercise, try dry shampooing.

When it comes to over-processed or dyed/bleached hair, you want to avoid hot tools like curling irons and the like that will suck the moisture out of your hair strands. If you must style your hair, limit your heat usage and utilize a natural heat protectant before each use. As mentioned before, extreme exposure to either heat or cold air will damage your hair and make it drier. The solution is easy: simply limit your time in the heat and wear a hat if you’re going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time.  

So far we’ve wrote about picking the right hair product that is catered specifically to your hair issue, but the opposite is true as well: don’t use the wrong hair product e.g. using a shampoo for dry hair when your problem is in fact the exact opposite. Make sure you’re using the right shampoo for your exact hair issue.

Shampoos recommended for dry hair

Hydrate Shampoo for Dry & Colored Hair by Pureology is an awesome choice if you experience dry hair after dyeing your hair. This shampoo not only hydrates your hair but also protects and cleans it so it will regain the beautiful shine it once had.

Moisture Retention Shampoo by Shea Moisture contains organic raw shea butter, argan oil, Vitamin E and sea kelp which combines to nourish and moisturize your hair strands.

Best shampoo types for oily/greasy hair

Dealing with oily roots is a real pain, but avoid the temptation to over-wash your hair to get rid of the grease. Washing oily hair too much actually causes your scalp to produce even more oil to compensate. The right shampoo for oily hair will work with your naturally oily scalp rather than against it.

The biggest ingredient you need to look for when dealing with greasy hair is a balance between the sebum (natural oil in your scalp to keep it hydrated) while removing the excess oil from your roots. This is why you should be looking for a shampoo that will remove extra oil without drying out your hair.

As we always stress, be sure to pick shampoos that contain natural ingredients. Having chemical ingredients will only damage your hair and scalp. Agents such as alcohol, sulfate, silicone, and other chemicals will only encourage oil production on your scalp and dry out your hair strands. Shampoos without oils are usually the best. Those that contain such ingredients as zinc, nettle, rosemary, peppermint to name a few are great for adding moisture to your hair without the mess of any grease.

Common reasons for oily/greasy hair and what to do about it

So we know that it’s the overproduction of sebum that is the cause of too much oil production but the reason for this can be due to a number of reasons. Hormones, the food you eat, etc all are contributing factors. You can use the above guidelines to choose the right shampoo for your needs.

Again don’t wash your hair too often – 2 to 3 times a week is perfect. Any more and you’ll simply contribute to the problem rather than the solution. Over-washing will only increase the production of sebum which will in turn make your scalp even oilier. If you feel the need to wash more because you workout or otherwise, check out dry shampooing. Using too much conditioner can do damage if your hair is prone to greasiness. You can skip the conditioner, use a hair mask or only apply the conditioner to you ends and mid-lengths rather than your roots which you should avoid anyways.

Picking or playing with your hair is a big no-no since you’ll not only be pulling at your roots, but also putting grease in your hair by way of your fingers. This probably goes against everything you’ve been taught since childhood, but brushing too often can have its issues. It can also make your hair greasier as you simulate your scalp and thus promote oil production. Try to brush just a few times a day and be sure to clean you brush to keep it clean as possible.

Well that wraps it up for today. In part two, we’ll continue through the different shampoos for each hair type starting with our shampoo recommendations for oily/greasy hair! Read the second part here.

If you have any questions about Endless Hair Extensions or want to learn more about our company, feel free to email us at or read our story here. We’re always happy to help you!

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